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  • Wildstar PvP News: Warplots Rewards- Items Imbuements

    We have invited Kevin – Wildstar designer to our studios. He talked something about PvP. And he put forward to the Warplots. I think the idea is really great, but the entrance is quite acuity. Although 10 Vs 10 Warplots will sound much better, the volume of work project will be huge. In the transitional period, they will let more and more players pay attention to the Warplots. And they will redu...

  • WildStar Guide: Wait Till November for WildStar Drop 3

    We WildStar players all believe that we can experience WildStar Drop 3 in October, but bad news is that we still have to wait till November, another long month to wait. But it is good to know that the Megaservers and the runecrafting changes will be coming before Drop 3, probably in mid October. We have prepared you a great video from Youtube to inform you with the title “Wildstar holocaust, state...

  • Five Reasons to Choose for Cheap WildStar Gold

    Many WildStar fans are waiting for the coming of its update in next month and we all hoping that this will return the hot picture it used to be. We are here today to discuss the five reasons that we can choose for cheap WildStar Gold.   1. Reasonable price with abundant storagePrice may be the top concern when we are deciding to make an order online. We have done everything...

  • Bombs and Barrages in Daggerstone Pass, WildStar's Newest Battleground

    Source From:   It was bound to be a slaughter. On my Exile team were 15 people connected by our professions--some of us games writers, some of us game developers at Carbine Studios; on the Dominion team were 15 organized guildmates calling themselves the Warmongers. We were decked out in standar...

  • Sell To Us Page Is Now Available to MMORPG Players at

    In order to express our gratefulness to your long time support, we are now offer you a brand new page named “Sell To Us”, you can sell your items and gold to us for real money. You need to fill in the blanks to let us know the detailed information of your goods and then make you an offer, the attached form is the one you will see when you enter into the new page.     ...


  • 1. What kind of WildStar services do you offer for us?

    We offer you WS currency like Copper, Siler, Gold and Platinum. Besides, we offer you the Wild Star guide and related news for you in our news part. And when you have any problems to the game and to us, you can use the live-chat to get the answers you want to know immediately or you can leave us a message in our feedback part.

  • 2. Do you have abundant WildStar gold here?

    Yes, the WildStar gold in our store is quite abundant. You don’t need to worry about this problem when you make an order in our store. Also, we will make sure the price we offer to you is the most reasonable we can offer.

  • 3. Do you provide any discount to registered members?

    Yes, the registered members in our store can enjoy the discount when there is a member activity or big holiday. And every time you buy some WildStar gold or have some communications with us, you can have some member points. You can use your member points for some gold when it gathered to a certain number.

  • 4. What kind of payments do you offer here?

    Usually, we accept Paypal, moneybooker and credit cards here. These are the popular payment methods we usually use. In case you have other requirements for payment methods, we also offer you the Visa and Visa Delta/Debit. If you have further needs, you can contact with our live chat staff and we will do our best to arrange for you.

  • 5. Is it safe when I use my personal information to register here?

    Yes, of course. To ensure your account safety is the top thing for us to concern about. The personal information we need to know is just your basic contact information and this is used to make sure we cab deliver the right goods to you. And all of your information is covered for you carefully.